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Saturday, November 8, 2014

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Photo Edit - Tutorials

Photo Edit - Tutorials is an app where you can learn how to be a graphic designer, not by reading just by watching dozens of the best videos out there such as: 
* Basics 
* Drawing 
* Layouts 
* Photo Effects 
* Photo Manipulation 
* Photo Retouching 
* Special Effects 
* Text Effects 
And much more ...

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Photo HD+ : Android Application

"Photo HD+ " is a photography community dedicated to providing photography tutorials, Lightroom Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, photography news and more!
As long as it is photography related, we will discuss it here!

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Breslev | ברסלב - Android Application

In "Breslev" application you'll find find all about Breslev and Oman, for example:
* Breslev lessons in:
Video / Audio & Text
* Breslev books
* Tikkun Haklali
* Breslev News
And much more...

Three Fundamentals of Breslover Chassidus
A. Daily Study of Halachah (Jewish Law)
Rebbe Nachman directed his followers to acquire extensive knowledge of halachah through daily study of the “Shulchan Aruch”, the comprehensive treatise on Jewish law. Through these daily study sessions one becomes accustomed to base one’s inner spiritual growth on a fundamental and sound connection with the wisdom and traditions of earlier generations, and learns in the most practical way how to carry out God’s will as transmitted to us through the Written and Oral Torah.
B. Hisbodedus (Seclusion)
Rebbe Nachman was the innovator of the concept known as “Hisbodedus” (lit. ‘seclusion’, coll. ‘meditation’). Rebbe Nachman asserted that this is “the ultimate highest level” in intimacy with the Creator. He defined hisbodedus as a genuine intimate conversation with God, “as one would speak to one’s friend”. Rebbe Nachman introduced this as a spiritual activity to engage in on a regular basis, for at least an hour daily. Hisbodedus is best done outdoors and at midnight, but can be done during the day and anywhere (even in bed, under the covers!).
C. The Annual Rosh Hashanah Gathering in Uman
It is no secret that in the past few years Breslov has attracted thousands of newcomers to their unique path! Some integrate into the many existent Breslov communities, whereas others founded new communities of their own –each with its own distinct style. All paths join each year at the “Kibbutz (‘gathering’)” of Breslover Chassidim in Uman –the resting place of Rebbe Nachman in Ukraine –on Rosh Hashanah.
After decades in which Rebbe Nachman’s burial place behind the Iron Curtain was unapproachable, one of Rebbe Nachman’s main directives –the mass gathering of practically all Breslover devotees in Uman on Rosh Hashanah –has been renewed in the most wonderful fashion. This gathering has become one of the world’s largest prayer gatherings, with more than ten thousand Jews participating in the services. There is certainly no better example than this of Rebbe Nachman’s immortal words: “My 
flame will burn bright until the arrival of Mashiach (the Messiah)!”